Practical Uses for Universal Law Part 2 (Law of Attraction Explained) — Video

Video Notes:

The mind operates off of two parallel simultaneous modes
Conscious – thinking, analyzing
subconscious – heart beat, blood flow

The most important of the two is the subconscious
you never have to tell your blood to flow
but your blood flowing is vital
so we are dealing with certainties, ease, genius level system
we all that are breathing are displaying a level of genius that we could never be able to consciously duplicate
A level of perfection
Your personal talent is a representation of the subconscious manifest
We all have abilities that we do not know where they came from
We happen to be better at it than others
This is how it shows up
We also have to understand about the subconscious it represents the power within, your heartbeat, your ability to move, your ability to breath
So moving forward and truly understanding manifestation
We understand how…

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