North Node in the Second House / Taurus: Between Self Value and Self Sabotage

Saturn & the Sun Astrology


Rembrandt, Pallas Athena, oil on canvas, 1657, 118×91 cm., Museum Calouste Gulbenkian, Lisbon

“We make war that we may live in peace.” -Aristotle

With the lunar North Node in Taurus, there are no more wars to fight. The battleground must be gracefully relinquished: that, in of itself, becomes one of the fundamental challenges of this node’s destiny. Objectively, this is a seemingly effortless task, yet from the perspective of one’s south node in Scorpio, this proves a formidable feat: plunging into the proverbial battleground is one’s default pattern. One has exhausted countless lifetimes entrenched in the strategy of psychological warfare and it is this very innate proclivity that haunts one without foreseeable resolve. Additionally, one is dealt challenging lessons regarding the misuse of power, often early in childhood, so that one is restrained from repeating malicious patterns of authoritative abuse. It is not uncommon to find childhood victims of sexual…

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