Discovering Pallas

Sabian Earth

pallasdiscovery of pallas.png

Our featured image is a painting by Gustav Klimt of Pallas Athena, the patron goddess of Athene Greece.  It is one of his early works.


According to the Pelasgians (prehistoric peoples inhabiting Mediterranean lands), Athene was born beside the lake or river Triton and nurtured by three NYMPHS. Athene accidentally slew her childhood friend, Pallas, when demonstrating her abilities. In token of her grief, Athene set her friend’s name before her own and is often known as Pallas Athene.  Nike, the Greek winged goddess of victory is a daughter from the union of Pallas and the river Styx (Greek for river of Hate, which leads to the underworld.  Their other children were  Zelos (jealousy),  Kratos (force) and Vio (violence).

Pallas was also in Ancient Greece, a type of flute.


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