12 Reed / BEN – Living as a Creator: Day 12

Jaguar Spirit


12 Reed/BEN

Greetings Kin,

A New Truth comes together on Tone 12 of Understanding. Tone 12’s Gift of Retrospection is magnified as the final Tone 12, in the 12th Uinal – holding a Higher Intention of Understanding. Today we can be drawn to an awareness that would help us to discern a Higher Truth of Divine Understanding.

Reed/BEN draws us to the Altar where we find a Communion of Spirit for a Higher Level of Consciousness. This is the day when a New Truth sinks in, like the last scene of a movie that brings the story to a resolution.

We are about to learn the Truth the Wind/IK trecena has been guiding us to see. Today our understanding is resolved through the power of retrospection.

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