Stargazer Reboot: Happy Full Moon!

Grandtrines is restructured, too!

Cynthia Spencer Astrology & Tarot

With the Sun and Mercury in Gemini, a sign known for its high energy and gift of gab, and on this day of the Sagittarian Full Moon, mere degrees from Saturn, which is wrapping up its two year stint in the sign of adventurous truth-seeking, I have received the message from the Universe that now is no time to sleep.

So I’m bringing the blog back, with a slight change in formatting which, I hope, will make the work more sustainable for me moving forward.

Rather than writing a weekly forecast/tarot reading for all, I’m going to tell the stories of the stars with in-depth rundowns plus Sun/Rising horoscopes once a month. For tarot fans, I’ve started posting a daily draw on Instagram (@fourfootedstargazer).

As always, readings are available via phone, Skype, and in person. My next day at Psychic Sister in downtown Olympia is Sunday, June 18th! But if…

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