Jupiter in the 8th House


Jupiter is the planet of luck, abundance, higher knowledge/education, prosperity, philosophy, ease and freedom. The 8th house is the house ruling secretive matters, joint finances/other people’s money, taboo subjects, death, the things we keep hidden from others, transformation, sex, rebirth, etc.

With such a lighthearted planet falling into this deep, dark and intense house, it creates an interesting dynamic, since Jupiter expands everything it touches. The house Jupiter is in is supposedly said to be a blessed area in our lives, where good fortune is present and ease is given to us. With this particular placement we have an individual that may be very well educated on matters of the 8th house, as listed previously. There can be an intuitive insight to just knowing the right opportunity to make the right move in life, especially concerning money or private affairs.

As you’d expect with Jupiter, there is high optimism wherever…

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