Absolute 0 – The Void

Terrible Tarot


Hello? Am I online? Can anyone read this message? I do not know where we are or how long it has been. Sorina Jones managed to receive some bars on her cellular telephone after consulting a spread of tarot cards regarding IT matters. She had to do this several times since reading requires light and it took three weeks to find a candle and matches. Also, from now on I will only buy fireproof tarot decks, providing we ever return to the world.

I must offer my sincere apologies to the ghosts that haunted this house. We believed that booming shadowy threats this past March came from you, and that you turned your backs on the peace agreement that we made. We hired Anything Ghost to banish you from the building. You warned us not to. We should have listened. Perhaps if any of you had mentioned that ghosts were…

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