Three of Coins

Terrible Tarot

THREE OF COINS you will die

Good news, perhaps, if you consider the wailing of dead children to be good news. The voice, we believe, may belong to Colin. If you recall, Colin is one of the ghosts that we expelled from S.A.U.C.E. headquarters before we learned that our ghosts were the tether that kept the mansion from falling into The Void.

Placement: The Minor Arcana


Pixie Colman smiths iconic* popular Rider-Waite deck depicts the interior of a cathedral. An architect and a monk discuss the blueprints for their cathedral with a carpenter, stonemason or the Masons’ archenemy, a representative from People for the Ethical Carving of Rocks (PECR).

Right side up:

Three peas in a pod. Threes being symbolically about aesthetic completion (two is a coincidence, three is a pattern… three wishes… celebrity deaths come in threes or two-thousand-sixteens…) the three of coins likewise shows us that together we are more than the…

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