Full Eclipse August 21, 2017 – Regulus in Virgo: The New Mythmaker Begins

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Compiled by Phoenix of Elder Mountain (with many contributors) – I have been a astrologer since I was seventeen, a dedicated one, along with my great devotion and devotee of the Moon. I have learned through observation and trial & error that Eclipses are not personal, they are collective and effects the whole but not every individual unless its conjunct something in your natal chart. Such is the tale of Regulus who I see as the great Archseraphim of an entire “age” bestowing collective blessings.

When an old eclipse comes around and it includes the fixed star like Regulus, its by fate and destiny, for it changes and heralds in a new era. Regulus is a Royal Star and has great power, its been in Leo the last four thousand years and has blessed the male species of the planet, especially those who were to seek power for powers sake. Regulus was named…

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