Top of The Week: Moon Movements and Daily Energy

The Metaphysical Goddess

💎TOP OF THE WEEK 💎 June 5 – June 7

The Full Moon cycle is beginning and the week is speaking to us on many levels. Take a peek at what is in store:
June 5 – Moon in House of Libra transition to House of Scorpio/Rx: Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto
June 6 – Moon in House of Scorpio/Rx: Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto/ Venus ingres Taurus/☿ Mercury ingres Gemini
June 7 – Moon in House of Scorpio transition to House of Sagittarius/Rx: Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto
If you caught Energy Sunday (yesterday’s forecast) then you know we are in for a bumpy ride but not all bumps are bad. Here’s a brief reminder of where we are until about 5:00 today:
💗We are still in the 11th day of the Lunar Cycle 💗
Moon in House of Libra/Retrograde: Jupiter, Saturn, and…

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