Thoth Tarot Daily:Tuesday June 6th 2017

Joanna-Kate Grant

Indecision and disturbed thoughts may plague you today, as you feel trapped by circumstances, and perhaps feel unable to deal with the situations at hand. Too  many options are crowding in to your mind, and much of the difficulty may lie with your inability to refine and review what there is on offer, and really get down to the heart of the matter of what it is that you really do want. The key to resolution, lies not in further thinking, but in a planned and grounded approach, in order that you can make the space to carve a way through this forest that you may feel that you are in. Taking care of yourself emotionally, physically and mentally will help to ensure that you feel calm and balanced enough to make your way through your current dilemma, and to have the conviction that you need to cut way the…

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