June 6 in history


June 6 is special to me, because it is the day and month of my birth. Things happen before my birth and things will happen after my birth.

I know in history – electric iron patented by Henry W. Seely, NYC – June 6 1882, On This Day. Also, first drive-in movie theater opens June 6 1933,  This day in history. Furthermore, Carl Jung, Swiss psychiatrist and psychotherapist died June 6 1961 Wikipedia.

I know in the spirit realm – in Native American astrology DeerNative American Astrology. In Western astrology Gemini [transformational Phoenix] What Is My Spirit Animal. In Chinese astrology Rabbit What Is My Spirit Animal. Celtic astrology Seahorse What Is My Spirit Animal. Mayan astrology Lizard Mayan Astrology. Vedic astrology (moon sign) Scorpio (Virshcika) Free Vedic Astrology. Australian astrology Pygmy Sugar Glider 

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