Card of the Day – The Hermit – Monday, June 5, 2017

Tarot by Cecelia

It has not been long at all since we have seen this guy, and he is still shining his lantern to show us all the way. Some days, we are like a bunch of stragglers, making our way through the proverbial tunnel of life, not traveling abreast of one another, but at different stages of our journeys. Occasionally, it is necessary to break from the pack and do a self-imposed timeout. This lets us keep in touch with our own feelings and personal goals; no one should function as part of the flock.

Guidance is available to you, and others, no matter the point you have reached on your path. It can be spiritual in nature, merely trusting in the Divine Guidance of the Universe, or it can be through a real life counselor who helps you sort things out in order to see the road ahead more clearly. Always…

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