The Divination Toolkit: Astrology Series-The Sun

Kamilah Rose | The Bliss Institute

The Sun (1)

The Sun: In astrology, the sun as the center of the galaxy represents our internal center of the self. The sun is basis of life’s elements. It is the fire energy of life. The sun allows for plants to grow, water to evaporate, air molecules to move and flow, humans to regulate sleep, hormones, essential body processes. The sun is life. Therefore, things connected to the sun are about life. The colors gold, orange, yellow and blue as the color of the hottest flame, all carry an energy of movement, increases in energy, and flow. The sun is our internal spark of light.

Yet, all things must be in balance. Too much sun, too much light…draws life out us. I’m from Houston, Tx. I’ve watched grass, trees, water dry up and die. Think of when it’s a hot summer day and you are teeming to get outside to soak up…

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