The Battleground of Awareness and Crisis: Saturn in the Eighth House

Saturn & the Sun Astrology


Oskar Kokoschka, Die Windsbraut (The Tempest),1914, Oil on canvas,181 x 220 cm, Kunstmuseum Basel

The perpetual crisis battleground, seeking higher consciousness and elevated awareness through the unification of self with other, is the focal point of Saturn in the eighth house. In this house, crisis stimulus manifests and is released through sex, since there is death of individual awareness and birth of mutual consciousness. The union occurs independent of conscious acknowledgment. The individual with Saturn in the eighth house endures a double burden: simultaneously understanding and accepting Saturnian energies whilst descending into the realms of Pluto.

In many instances, Saturn in the eighth house suggests feelings of inadequacy and fear regarding sexual expression. While this symbolizes a more profound level of fear, on its own, the symbol is potent enough to generate much suffering. Additionally, the form of inadequacy is emotional as opposed to physical. The challenge is conveyed through…

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