Jesus of Nazareth


jesus-shroudShroud of Jesus Courtesy of Annoyz View

When I was writing The Star of BethlehemI added a small number of appendices, including this one: Jesus’ Natal Aspects. The text is adapted from Planets in Youth by Robert Hand.


Personal Planets


Sun Opposition Moon

You will learn to understand yourself through opposition to the world and other people, perhaps in good-natured competition with friends, perhaps through fighting. The form of your opposition is up to you. You are likely to ask friends what they think of you or of something you have done, because you want to get outside your own personal point of view and see what others see.This does not mean, however, that you are always willing to make your ideas agree with other people’s. On the contrary, you usually fight for what you believe to be right. But you want to know what others feel, because…

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