COTD 30.05.17: Feed it…

Guinevere Fae

3 of Airs30.05.17 – Today’s COTD is the 3 of Airs & Wunjo

Pain and heartache are part and parcel of life.  It is a time when we often reflect on what happened to cause such agony and distress, as quite often we do not see it coming.

Now is the time to repair some of the damage, to let the joy of Wunjo penetrate the holes in your heart, so that you may heal and replenish yourself and let colour back into your world.

No more wallowing in darkness, it is time to embrace the more recent successes you’ve had and let them feed your inner happy, for you are probably starving by now and ready to feast yourself back to total happiness.

Love Jennifer x

Beautiful Creatures Tarot by J.R. Rivera and Jasmine Becket-Griffith ©2014, used with permission. 

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