The Sun visits Gemini 20 May- 4.31 pm EDT to 21 June- 12.24 am EDT

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In the astrological system, the symbol for The Sun is a circle with a dot in the center. The circle represents infinity (no beginning and no end) the dot in the center represents Divine Light. It also describes who we are as individuals and our spirit, our I Am Source. The Sun is the source of life. Without The Sun there would be no life on the planet. On a personal level, the Sun represents our individual sense of identity, our creative force, and our ego. Whatever zodiac sign The Sun visits he dons the costume of and plays out the story of that sign.

Gemini is Mutable Air. Its key phrase is “I think”. It is flexible, adaptable, and seeks information and knowledge. It is both logical and intuitive. Gemini loves to communicate new ideas and loves to talk, talk, and talk. Areas of life associated with Gemini are…

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