Prometheus: the Alchemy of Space Aliens – Part 1

Jessica Davidson

As part of my occasional series on mystical and gnostic themes in film, I thought it would be a good time to tackle Prometheus, what with Alien: Covenant in cinemas as I write this. Prometheus is part of the franchise that began in 1979 with Alien, the classic horror film directed by Ridley Scott, and is a prequel to the entire series. Some criticised the film for being too philosophical and not living up to the terrors of Alien, but Prometheus was never meant to be just another monster movie.

David holds the world in his hands… what could this possibly mean…?

Prometheus is based on the popular theory that life on Earth was seeded by aliens and/or that our evolution has been influenced by an advanced, ancient civilisation. The film explores the origins of life, the process and ethics of creation and destruction, and what…

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