Ama: Fixed Star Sirius

Advice Astrologer

Q: Tell me about The fixed star Sirius conjunct the MC.

A: Before Canis Major was Orion’s hunting dog Egyptian lore said he belonged to the goddess Isis. He was Anubis and he guarded the gates of the other side, judging souls before they crossed. The legend carried on and he became Cerberus, who guarded the gates of the underworld for Hades. Bernadette Brady states that, having Sirius conjunct a pivot point is to be touched by the gods, have a sense of the divine and seek perfection in the work you do. In harder aspects Brady states that one can struggle with the expression of their passions. This could imply a number of things, firstly that you may not be able to identify what career field you would feel passionate about. Secondly you may struggle with how you act publicly. 

Other astrologers who have long passed away say Sirius…

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