Truth = The Power to Transform. What is the Language of Your Soul? – New Moon in Gemini 2017 -Dedicated to Chase Walker-Stevens

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Expression through the language of your soul

Gemini’s New Moon will fall on the 26th May at 05:44am here in Brisbane (AEST, GMT+10).

Gemini is the sign associated with connection through communication and, as such, is responsible for expression …

… through the mind via words, ideas, song…

… or through the body via dance, Art forms…

Which form speaks most strongly to you?

Intense and Powerful Communication

Pluto is sesquiquadrate this New Moon bringing in some intensity and the potential for powerful emotions.

Add in Neptune’s square and an opposition from The Black Moon in. Sagittarius and global compassion could be a key point in global transformation in relation to truth this month and the uncovering of corruption (Pluto…

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