New Moon in Gemini – Thursday, May 25, 2017 3:44pm EST

Tarot by Cecelia

Some things just aren’t worth the fight and right now making changes happen which will help you leave all of those battles behind is change worth making. Pay close attention to the messages of the Universe at this time; intuitively you should know by now what it is you need to manifest. Your inner voice does not wish to steer you wrong right now; heed what it has to say. The moment is here to upend the hard times and reclaim your life. Make those intentions count.

Some of what you are creatingneeds to be kept under wraps for the time being, over the next three to four months. You will achieve more success if everyone is not privvy to every move you make. This does not mean everything in your life should be a secret, just a particular area on which you are working is not immediately ready…

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