Tarot Contemplation – Knight of Wands (reversed)

The Hālau - ʻAha Hūi Lānakila

You are full of energy and desire something new.  Shake up your routine today.  Do something different and fun!  Go outside, get some exercise, follow your whims and fancies.  Though you may not be creating long-lasting change now, a bit of disruption will benefit your creative spirit.  You may be lacking inspiration, such as a bout of writers’ blocck, or feel like you don’t have the energy to follow your passion.  You might be saying “no” to opportunities for fun and growth due to laziness or fear of failure.  You may not trust your instincts and hence do nothing.  Alternatively, you may be so spontaneous that you don’t even think through your plans, soon leading to trouble.  This card can show up when you do not understand your own unpleasant emotions.  Instead of investigating your feelings, you turn your bad feelings towards others in irritation or anger.  If you’ve recently…

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