Stars In My Eyes: Seeking Contact With The Divine

Joanna-Kate Grant

For me, Astrology has always been first and foremost an art form, a language that has helped me to interpret my connections with the rest of the cosmos. When I first discovered this fascinating study, long ago, in my youth, it possessed me with a fervour bohemiaand excitement that threw me into a maelstrom of avid learning that enthralled me for the majority of the next seven years! I felt that it was more of a reawakening, rather than a new revelation, as since I  had become fascinated with Greek mythology from around the age of seven, much of the Astrological material that I was reading, mentioned concept as and archetypes of which I was already familiar.

I had already read at length on various different philosophies, and explored, although not in depth, the tenets of several different religions, finding within them that the theories surrounding re incarnation resonated with me…

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