psychobabble bubbling out after a strange day…

Michelle's Bloomiverse...

male allies are so healing. thank you to the friend who kool-aids. liberation is at hand. i am talking cryptic because i have to but just know that synthesis between shadow and ego is occurring. first i had to get trapped in the solution-less problem so that ego could humble and turn inward. ego had to stop trying to manifest, solve, fix, and do. ego needed to wade through the mucky goo of the underworld. ego had to stop deluding herself by living in fantasy too. all sorts of surrendering and giving up an addiction to a specific mind-set left the ego. did you know that the brain cannot really tell the difference between physical-reality and imagination-reality? fantasy-reality can become more nourishing than the physical-reality and this is why computer-reality can feel so nourishing too. the wafting away from earth into more ethereal, imaginative, and mental realms is avoidance when…

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