An Introduction to Crystals Part 1: What is a Crystal?

The Happenin' Hippies

This will most likely be a series considering there’s so much you can learn about stones themselves, and the great properties they can hold for you emotionally and physically. Enjoy. (:

First off, what the heck is a crystal? Well, they are minerals that have formed under the ground, some can take on strange and unusual shapes and can vary greatly in size. Some crystals can even develop over thousands of years depending on the size.

Second, how long have people been using them? Crystals have been used since the beginning of civilization, and even have been referenced in the Christian Bible over hundreds of times. Some even being found in the ruins of Babylonia and ancient tombs in Egypt and China; in the tombs of the emperors. Many ancient civilizations have been known to value quartz for ceremonies; (Aztec, Mayan, American Indians, etc). With a little intention and focus…

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