Neptune and Uranus transitting Midheaven

Tommy Astrology Journal

Since the three outer planets – Uranus, Neptune and Pluto are slow-moving planets, the transit of the 3 biggies over MC is not an experience that everyone has. If they will cross over your MC depends on where they are placed on your natal birth chart. Let say, if these 3 planets are placed in the 11th and 12th Houses, then congratulations, apparently you knew astrology already before birth and you have chosen a great timing to come to this world, avoiding the career turmoils in the future. However, God is fair. If none of these 3 planets will cross your MC, then at least one (or two) of them will cross your IC, which causes turmoils within family or root.

Anyways, today I would just like to talk briefly about the effects the transits of Uranus and Neptune have on me. The experience is pretty personal, and how the…

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