Looking Into Futurity

David Kidd-Hewitt


These exciting promises to uncover the mysteries of planetary motions and nodes for the next forty-four years take us back one hundred and eighty-one years, to London’s Tottenham Court Road in January, 1836 and to a gentleman called Charles Paddon who lived in a first -floor apartment at 32 Grafton Street, just off that famous London highway.

Charles was a member of a small fraternity of avid astrologers who were advertising a variety of ‘new’ scientific services to members of the public willing to part with money for “looking into futurity”.

From studying the structure of your skull, to reading your palm or taking you to the motions of the stars and planets on the day and time that you were born, the enticing promise was made to give you the story of your life yet to come – your very future would be revealed.

However, in Charles Paddon’s case, he…

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