Gemini New Moon – May 25th 2017 – Tarot Reading

Maiden Oracle


1. The Chariot – Representing each individual within the collective consciousness | 2. Two of Swords & 3. The Devil – Representing the Energies surrounding us at the time of the New Moon | 4. Ten of Swords (Reversed) – The Obstacles we face at this New Moon | 5. Ace of Pentacles – The advantages the New Moon brings us | 6. Abundantia & 7. Eireen – The Advice we need to maximize the energy of this New Moon

Numerological Breakdown: 7+2+(1+5)+(1+0)+1 = 17 = 8   |   Number 8 resonates with the energies of: infinity, bounty, manifestation of wealth and personal power, material safety, karma.

To kick off the reading we have the Chariot, representing each and every one of us within the collective consciousness; the Chariot here is really reinforcing the number 8’s meaning of “personal power” with an energy of unfaltering determination. With all the  mutable…

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