COTD 18.05.17: Know your limits…

Guinevere Fae

The Hermit18.05.17 – Today’s COTD is IX The Hermit & Perthro

Taking a chance on imparting your hard sought knowledge may pay off today.   Yet it is always a gamble to reveal more of yourself, but sometimes it can be important to do so.

The more others learn of each other, the more open and free communication and the exchange of knowledge can be.  Just recognise the point when it is time to retreat from conveying information, as sometimes it can backfire on you,  and you probably don’t want to be thought of as a know-it-all.

Love Jennifer x

Illustrations from Rider Waite Smith used with permission of U.S. Games Systems Inc., Stamford, CT 06902 © 1971 by U.S. Games Systems.  Further reproductions prohibited.

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