being pulled into starfish formation…

Michelle's Bloomiverse...

god my moods are all over the place like a spilt milkshake or a snow globe shaken by a toddler’s hand. the light and the dark are mixing together again. like having to enter martial law like compliance to go to the U2 concert. like my university raising tuition 3000 dollars this next semester, telling us it is to keep up with the price of the other universities. bullshit. darth vadar runs the damn school but our teachers are unicorns, narwhals, wizards, and everything nourishing. the light and the dark roll together. i feel grateful and sad at the same time. an old narrative wants to posses my nervous system and suck my energy like a demon but i see it and know it. i say no to it. i am not the unchosen one. i am not denial. i belong here. i choose incarnation. i surrender into this crazy…

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