ADHD and the Uranus/Neptune Conjunctions of 1993

Monavie Voight

I’ve never believed in ADHD. The last Uranus/Neptune conjunctions were in Feb 02 (19♑34), Aug 19 (18♑49R) and Oct 25 (18♑33) of 1993 and Uranus aligns with Neptune roughly once every 170 years. These conjunctions were important because they marked the time when Uranus took the lead away from Neptune. Before, Neptune was ‘in front of’ Uranus and this kept a lot of secrets hidden from the public and from each other.

When Uranus changed positions, it brought about what appeared as sudden disclosures of these hidden things. While it may have shocked to hear this, the truth is, these things went on for a very long time, but just now coming into the public on a grand scale. These conjunctions also set the Universe on a higher level of vibration. Children born after this are vibrating higher than those born before. This is where, in my opinion, some of…

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