Music & Astrology: Research

I’ve started my research on Music & Astrology, simultaneously trying to integrate my business of hula hooping with the trifecta of mind/body/spirit. Music has always been a part of my life, seeped into the walls of my family history, so when I discovered my Neptune was on the Galactic Center, I suppose it was only natural that I connected the dots. Music is an interpretive art. Astrology is an interpretive art. Hooping is an interpretive art. But all based on scientific movement/dynamic motion: Orbital resonance. The harmonics of the spheres.

So I’m reading about the ratios of the planetary orbits: how Pluto circles the sun twice in the same Neptune circles it three times, creating a 3:2 ratio, which is also called “the perfect 5th” in music theory.  It’s all highly technical mathematics, quite intense for someone so deeply enmeshed in the arts. Astrologers aren’t just making shit up, I…

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