Happy Birthday, New York City!

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LibertyGuess whose birthday is today, May 16?
Well, yeah, I gave it away…

Since I feel very connected to New York City, and at the very least I find the City fascinating (and it’s been TOO long since I visited), and I got ‘her’ birth chart(!) here’s to honour and celebrate HER – not only, but definitely: TODAY!

New York Above Gotham

There are a few dates and times for the ‘Birth of the City of Dreams’ and ‘Big Apple’, depending on which event is considered the initiating one.

In 1625, Fort Amsterdam was designated the capital of the province of New Amsterdam, the colonial Dutch settlement which would later become the City of New York. The first Dutch settlers actually arrived in the region in 1624, and the town of New Amsterdam was incorporated in 1653.
The City of New York  was consolidated at a flag raising to the top of the…

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