Astrology – Fact or Faked?

Really, a very good piece. Whether or not astrology is falsifiable depends on who you talk to. Some practitioners will present you with a version of astrology that is falsifiable, and others do not. My approach is that each individual should determine what works for them PERSONALLY, adjusting beliefs as situations and times change (what works for you in your 20’s or, alternatively, in (say) the 1990’s may not work for you in your 40s or, alternatively, say this decade. In fact, I developed a system which can use astrology (but does not have to) called SUMO (strategic use of multiple oracles). I have since discovered that my SUMO resembles, to some degree, something called “multi-trait, multi-method.” In any case, I think each individual should decide for themselves what works, or does not, by testing it (with as open a mind as is possible). See, also: (1) and (2)