The Three of Disks

Thoth Journey

Today the desire to form some stability and structure emerges, to find solidity and surety within this land of shifting dreams and visions, before I lose myself in the ever lengthening corridors that beckon me into the whispering enchantments of forever. I walk today to seek some manifestation of earth, some reality to anchor my mind upon, a building block for a child, a foundation stone for now, where I can rest for a while and gather my thoughts, where I can form a plan.

I rise from the old elm chair, in the hallway of beginnings, and I look down the corridor. Nothing has moved since I last studied the hallway, no other step has echoed under the high ceilings, no other hand has graced the curve of the handrail. The chequered tiled floor shines with a soft candlelight glow, and the satin sheen of the old woodwork exhales…

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