Today is the best day to date or party

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May 12th The truther SAGITTARIUS MOON is involved with optimistic, fun loving, take a chance, JUPITER today. This is its’ ruling planet, and it also involves idealistic spiritual Neptune, sexy Mars and Goddess of Love VENUS today. What’s not to like?

Thoth wheel Tara Greene TArot


This is a great day to meet new people, speed date and connect connect connect. 

The positive freewheeling Sag MOON trines VENUS in ARIES  in the wee hours

Expect a day full of hoof and mouth faux pas, too much honesty, too much revealed, more than a little spontaneity causing trouble, procrastination rearing its head, but it can all be laughed off at the end of the day. Go to a comedy club for sure. 

trines VENUS in ARIES  in the wee hours

Wonder Woman, Venus Astrology Tara Greene

A hot fire trine, which helps us to be Dreaming of adventure, traveling in exotic places…

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