Full Moon in Scorpio

Melanin & Magic

It’s amazing how even though I only had about two hours of sleep, I feel absolutely amazing. I feel so motivated and encouraged. Even though there is this small voice telling me to indulge, I think about my goals and that bad influence that is myself is easily ignored.

fullmoonI completed my first FULL MOON ritual last night.

Well, it wasn’t anything special on the GRAND scale, but it felt good to do. I don’t have any stand alone crystals yet (I have a necklace and some bracelets), so I didn’t create a grid or anything. I kept it simple and true to me and my “I do things how I want” nature. I started off by burning some palo santo, and thinking about what I really wanted in life.

I’ve known for ages I wanted to be a vegan. Since living the lifestyle a few…

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