Full Moon in Scorpio

Chronicles of an Orange-Haired Woman!

And so it was, last night, with the Full Moon biding her time behind brisky clouds, that I led, and took part in, my first Moon ritual since moving to Glastonbury. More: My first experience of this is a very long time.

It had been a difficult day – not just for me, but for the three lovely women who shared the experience with me – and, after a painful stint at a relatively local school, to be frank the last thing I wanted to do was be social, do a rite, bother with anyone else.

Printer problems meant that I had handwritten the script – though I knew (or thought I did) that printing from text was still possible. I was wrong. Out of ink, and unable to discover how to change the cartridges in time, I nearly, at that point, gave way to tearful frustration. But something stopped…

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