Chiron: The Pisces Era


I wasn’t aware at the time, but from 29-32 I went [read: still going] through some EPIC identity healing and growth. Chiron, aka The Wounded Healer, has been dancing back and forth over my ascendent in late Pisces for years. YEARS… Brutal, I know. But also poetically magnificent – a brief moment in time across eons where one can truly look within, discover at the mud below the surface while learning to hold within yourself the true beauty of the lotus.

It’s a tough gig. But one has to do it, so says the soul contract I signed before incarnating.

“Chiron is now in the last full year of being in Pisces – the Chiron era that began for you in 2011 is now coming to a close and Pisceans are in the run-up to a strong new phase from April 2018.  Saturn in square to Chiron for the last month…

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