How to: Forensic Horary Astrology

This is a list that gives a little bit of insight into how I break down and read a Forensic Horary chart.
Rules I often Break (strictures)

The first step is to see if the chart is radical (fit to be read). Old school astrologers typically followed these rules. I rarely follow them all. Why you might ask? Well, we are living in New times. It’s not the 1645 and things have changed.

Don’t get me wrong I respect the forefathers of Astrology, but I don’t agree with everything they did. I find it no different than veering away from the ten commandments. Sure those commandments were brought to us for good reason. Let’s face it though, it’s not the worst thing to covett and it doesn’t make you bad, or wrong to covett a Corvette belonging to your neighbor (or an ox I suppose). Moving on I will cover…

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