Thoth Tarot Daily: Thursday May 4th 2017

Joanna-Kate Grant

In some way today you are able to gain insight into the emotional processes that you have been going through, and you can see now, how trying to find fulfillment from outside of yourself without first connecting to your own source within, may have left you feeling depleted and disappointed. The satisfaction of desires does not provide the answer in the long run, and this concept is revealing itself to you now. The opportunity emerges now to see how your connection to what provides spiritual and emotional sustenance to your heart, is actually vital to your overall health, both mental and physical, and that to neglect this is to leave yourself open to difficulties. Aligning yourself with the true nature of what you desire is what is spoken of in the cards today, together with the act of grasping your vision of the future with both hands. Today, know the…

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