As Above, So Below


The Divine Life Courtesy of Google

The Divine Life

Is it possible to ‘pinpoint’ a past life using Astrology? I think so, and A.T. Mann thinks so, too. In his book’s Chapter 9, entitled “The World Age”, he postulates that one can calculate the ‘when’ of these lives by having an accurate birth chart erected, and then looking for the specific placements of the planets.

“The limits of the world age of 48,000BC and AD1950 are graded by an astrological sequence from Aries to Pisces. The same log sequence divides history as individual life, but in the reverse direction of time.”

World Age Log“The intermediate dates occur at 5000 years and 500 years before AD2000, which places them at 3000BC and AD1500, equivalent to the beginning of Leo and Sagittarius.”

The Chart

Using my own birth chart, I will endeavour to demonstrate how this works.


The Planets

The Sun

20º Aquarius 3′

This may have…

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