Mercury Stations & More Clarity – May 3

5D Astrology

Snapshot: Early Wednesday morning (EST) we have that magical aspect for relating our new philosophy to others. Just as our conscious mind is standing still ready to resume forward motion. By evening we receive some subconscious clarity around our resources, beauty and other desires.

At 12:32pm Mercury at 24:16 Aries Stations Direct.

As Jupiter separates from the Quintile to Saturn, Mercury is standing still ready to resume Direct motion. And he is still in tight orb to his Conjunction with Uranus. This helps our Higher Mind energies (Jupiter/Sagittarius optimism and Uranus revelations) to kick in. The 5D energy of the Quintile makes it so easy. So as Mercury Stations Direct, we are still under the influence of the Quintile which will ease any vanity planning we have been doing. Mercury is now moving forward again with his revisions in check and ready to discuss his new plans. He is working…

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