11 Reed / BEN – Transformation of Possibility: Day 11

Jaguar Spirit


11 Reed / BEN

Greetings Kin,

Tone 11 represents the Intention of Resolution that “assists every new thing to find its place.” 11 offers a Higher Vision of how our new understanding would actually fit into our lives. Tone 11 leads us to adjustments and simplicity.

Reed/BEN is the Day Sign of the Altar where we Humble ourselves in Communion with the Creator. Reed is also the “guiding light for family and home.”

When we spend time in Spirit, we can get “lost in the ether” in the Lofty Dreams of changing the World. When we return to the Monday of our day-to-day reality, we wonder how the two will fit together. 11 Reed/BEN guides us to find our Sanctuary in home and family, and new Wisdom in our everyday lives.

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