15 Benefits Of Ocotea Essential Oil

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Ocotea essential oilcomes from a tree that belongs to the cinnamon family. The Ocotea tree is divided into the two genders, male, and female, and it is the female tree whose parts are used for therapeutic purposes. This oil is derived from steam distilling the branches and leaves of the Ocotea tree, which is native to Central America.

Ocotea InfoAlphahumulene is known for its ability to minimize the body’s response to irritation.

 Here Are 15 Uses And Benefits Of Ocotea Essential Oil


The intake of Ocotea essential oil is said to control the glucose levels in the body. Adding 2-4 drops of this oil under the tongue can keep the blood sugar levels under check and it does carry any side effects. But this oil should be administered only under medical supervision.


Weight Loss

The aroma of this essential oil can bring about a feeling of…

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