Danger and Opportunity

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A legend circulates, perhaps a true one, that the Chinese pictogram (equivalent of both a letter and a word) for “Crisis” is also the same for “Opportunity” and, in turn, “Danger.”  I think that, from a physical vantage point, we are living in dangerous days.

Almost anyone who faintly resembles a “serious” astrologer has pointed out the series of seven (7) Uranus / Pluto squares.  Back when (Jonathon) Cainer was still alive, he would write “the bell tolls seven times.”  Curiously, he passed away about the time, maybe shortly thereafter, the seventh “bell” tolled.  But, from 2008 forward through the last one in 2015 (and aftershocks since then), we have been feeling the effects as all parts of the world have become unstable in more than one way.

A exacerbated form of the situation has been with us for about a month, and peaks this week: Saturn square Chiron.  Frankly…

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