The Hermit

Joanna-Kate Grant

I stand today on the open road, the seclusion of The Hallway of Beginnings far behind me. The way ahead is empty, and there is a breeze blowing in like a wastrel from the North, shuffling across the empty plains, plucking at my clothes as I contemplate what lies ahead of me. Alone I stand, alone in a lonely landscape, no creature or tree to greet me, no bird to call my name, no song to embrace my heart, alone in a world of my own creation, where I seek to find the meaning I need today.

Overwhelmed by the sense of emptiness and the lack of direction that this landscape gives me, I sink to the ground with a feeling in my stomach akin to vertigo, I sink to the ground, cross legged, and stare at the dust and stones, as if I am trying to conjure some sort…

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