4 Transformer / CIMI – Transformation of Possibility: Day 4

Jaguar Spirit


4 Transformer / CIMI

Greetings Kin,

Tone 4 carries the Intention of Stability and presents a source of orientation. 4 represents the 4 directions, and the cube – the most stable forms, defined by the dimensions of height, length, depth and breadth. Tone 4 helps to set the parameters, freedoms, and conditions upon which we may manifest our new Intention.

Transformer/CIMI is a signal of a major life change. CIMI can present us with a new understanding of the experience of change as we set ourselves on a course to something new. The Akbal trecena would draw our attention to CIMI’s Spiritual Gift of Clairvoyance.

Those born as CIMI were assigned the role as helper to those in the process of life transitions, including birth and death. CIMI’s gift is sensing the future, offering comfort by knowing what to expect and exactly what to do in…

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