COTD 22.04.17: Traditions…

Guinevere Fae

Queen of Swords22.04.17 – Today’s COTD is the Queen of Swords and Othala 

Othala is here today to bring a stability to today’s events.  It speaks of home, and our ancestors and all that has been passed down to us through the generations, which helps to make us who we are today.

Now when we embrace the Queen, her knowledge is here to help us to sift through our ancestral heritage, to modernise old beliefs and traditions, and to bring them into 21st-century life.    Our modern day lives vary vastly from even a generation or two ago, modern technology has boomed, accepted norms have changed, and traditions have been altered and even forgotten due to the pace in which we now live.

Today is a good day to resurrect old, or create new, traditions which can be passed on to those of generations yet to come.

Love Jennifer x

Legacy of…

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